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Mar 31 2009

Message for Sarkozy

As my friend Marc Cogan commented in the previous post, the recent general strike had as its unofficial slogan Sarkozy’s comment, although this time directed back at him, “Casse-toi, pauv’ con” – “Bugger off, you sorry asshole.” Around two-thirds of the marchers were wearing this slogan in some form, and Marc managed to get a …

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Mar 24 2009

From the midst of the grève


(by guest blogger Marc Cogan) Last Thursday’s general strike and supporting march were big successes, both from an organizational perspective, and as spectacle. Even the weather had already chosen sides, as the newspaper Libération, said, and it was sunny and warm throughout France. The weather swelled the crowds and buoyed their spirits. The parade was …

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Nov 11 2008

Will Royal face Sarkozy again in 2012?


I was interested to read in Liberation that Segolene Royal has won the Socialist Party’s endorsement of her policies. In the voting, Royal received 29%, with Aubry and Delanoe following with 25% each, and Hamon with 19%. Bertrand Delanoe, who has the support of Royal’s ex-partner Francois Hollande, is also mayor of Paris. I’ve always …

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Nov 05 2008

Bonjour Obama

I don’t think I know anyone who is not elated about Obama’s win. A friend and I watched the election results on his i-phone during an all-day meeting in Melbourne today and held our breath until the votes moved beyond the point of no return. Obama should, however, watch out for anyone phoning with a …

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Nov 04 2008


‘SARAH PALIN piégée par un faux SARKOZY’ screamed Le Monde’s headline. But I’d already listened to the ‘interview’ myself, and read the story online, thanks to the Melbourne Age newspaper. It can also be found on YouTube. Devised by Canadian comedy duo Les Justiciers Masques (the Masked Avengers), the fake Sarkozy was played by MARC-ANTOINE …

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