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Nov 01 2010

Escaping from street level

Peintres sur la Promenade Plantee

Guest post. One of Paris’s lesser known (by tourists, anyway) treasures, the 4.5km Promenade Plantée – literally translated as ‘the planted stroll’, and also known as la Coulée verte – is a pleasant walk on the west-east axis of Paris from Opera Bastille to the Périphérique in the east. The section to the Jardin Reuilly …

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Apr 14 2009

No Escaping La Princesse de Clèves


When I was diligently poring over the canonical 17th century French novel La Princesse de Clèves last year during my French literature class in Melbourne, the last thing I would have imagined was La Princesse becoming a symbol of resistance to President Sarkozy. Sarkozy seems to have borne a grudge against La Princesse for quite …

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Feb 20 2009

The Escape (and capture) of Garibaldi the horse


Garibaldi, a horse carrying one of the Republican Guards outside the Elysée Palace, must have decided he wanted his liberté. Throwing his rider, he set off for what turned out to be a 5 kilometre gallop along Paris streets bordering the Seine. Eventually caught by police, he was found to be only slightly injured after …

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Feb 18 2009

Photochromie at the Hotel de Sens


This entry is written by my dear friend and guest blogger Marc Cogan: Carolyne and I went together to a curious exhibition at the Hôtel de Sens in the Marais: “Photochromie: voyage en couleur 1876–1914,” that is, of nineteenth century color photographs. Until fairly recently, I labored under the misconception that until 1948, let’s say, …

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Jan 28 2009

Australia Day in Paris


I’ve never been a big fan of Australia Day. It’s supposed to mark the day in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip, who was the commander of the first fleet of British convict ships, arrived in Sydney. This was the start of the British invasion and occupation of what later came to be known as Australia. …

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Dec 12 2008


At the cafe in the Place de la Sorbonne

Victorians go out alone far more than Australians in the other states, according to a new survey I heard about on ABC Radio this morning. This started me thinking about how much I enjoy travelling alone. It’s not that I’m anti-social—quite the opposite, in fact. And that’s precisely why I love travelling alone: locals are …

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