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Nov 28 2008

Martine Aubry wins by a hair (or a whisker).


(This picture of Martine Aubry is from Liberation) We’ve been hearing the idiom ‘d’un cheveu’ in the French news lately, so I decided to translate Yvan Amar’s explanation of it from his Les Mots de la Semaine column on Radio France: In France they’ve been voting to elect the head of the Socialist Party. Of …

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Nov 17 2008

Socialist Party Congress in Reims


From Liberation: Speeches, postcards, and an umbrella… Three days of images from the heart of the Socialist Party… And from Le Monde: Direct from Reims: Royal slams the door, Hamon remains a candidate, Aubry and Delanoe keep quiet… Three hours after the start of the meeting to decide which resolutions to adopt, Segolene Royal and …

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