Jan 31 2013

If you want to see Hopper … at midnight in Paris … be quick!


The Edward Hopper exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris, has been extended: from now until the 31st January, it’s open Saturday to Thursday until 11pm each night, then from Friday 1st Feb at 9am, it’s open day and night until 11pm on February 3rd.

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Jan 29 2013

no escaping Hemingway on the left bank


The left bank is well known for its connections to Hemingway, and his A Moveable Feast is rich in descriptions of his life there, and the many cafes and other addresses he used to frequent, including Le Select where he often went for coffee in the mornings.

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Dec 18 2012

Père and Mère Noel bike ride


On Saturday I noticed  a few people in red cycling into the square below my apartment. On closer inspection, I could see they were dressed as Père or Mère Noels, complete with beards, hats, and garlanded bicycles. They were gathering to take part in the annual Father Christmas bike ride, or Balade de Père Noel, …

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Nov 14 2012

Preparations for my next escape


Australia’s own SBS channel has podcasts in French which can be downloaded. These are usually to do with French people or events in Australia, so have a local flavour.

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Jun 28 2012

escape the tyranny of distance… and maintain your French


The great challenge for Australian francophones is maintaining our French, given our distance from France. Even with one or two trips per year, as some of us are able to make, there are still long fallow periods when we’re not using French for many months at a stretch. I’m always interested to hear other Aussie …

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Jun 06 2012

no escaping sexism…?


But in France, one sees so much representation of female flesh in the large advertising posters stuck everywhere, especially on the walls of the metro, that I wonder whether lingerie football would have much appeal.

Then again, I could be wrong. I’d be very interested to hear the views of French men and women on this topic…

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