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Dec 05 2011

Made (to measure) in Toulouse


Every week here in Toulouse brings me a new discovery: a tiny shop with the créatrice (designer) sitting at her sewing maching in the middle of it, making brooches and bags, a mercerie (haberdashery) selling exquisite ribbons and buttons, a new walk along a quai where you think you are in Venice, a string of …

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Oct 31 2011

Escaping… solitude (with cheese)


I’ve written before about how French customs help to generate social capital, a term from sociology, signifying interaction among individuals who are friendly towards one another, and who give each other mutual assistance, such as conversation, company,  or congenial contact of any type. This concept has really been brought home to me again since I …

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Sep 11 2011

no escaping funky French cushions


I’ve mentioned before how Melbourne must surely be home to the highest per capita number of Francophiles in the world, and therefore has the highest number of French-themed shops, or shops selling French-themed items. Usually, the items are genuinely French, and of a good quality, even if they can be obtained more cheaply in Paris. …

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May 22 2011

escaping… your French coat becoming a feast for the ‘clothing moth’

My French coat (albeit in Venice)

As our winter in Australia is quite short (even here in Melbourne!) if compared to that of Northern European countries, our winter coats spend a lot of time in spare-bedroom wardrobes, or in storage in garages or attics. So if you buy a coat in France and bring it home (and there are gorgeous coats …

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May 13 2011

Planning my next escape…


I will be back in Paris in September, and then on to Toulouse where I will be spending a few months working with a research team at one of the universities there, so thought I would ask guest blogger/photographer Macondo to share some of his insights into Toulouse… Carriera Tripiera is Occitan for rue Tripière, …

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Mar 30 2011

no escaping the stereotypes…


I normally find the journalism in the UK Guardian quite acceptable, and often stimulating, so was pleased to note the other day that they were about to run a series of articles on France: ‘Welcome to France The Guardian’s four-part Europe season leaves Germany and continues this week with an in-depth look at France’.  Readers …

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