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Jun 06 2012

escaping the tourist trail in Paris…


Passing through Paris not long ago, on my way to Toulouse, I needed a bed for a night, and stayed in a miniscule but lovely studio in a three-storey house in a street which my Paris friends later told me they had never heard of! It also seemed that tourists hadn’t heard of it, although …

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May 09 2012

no escaping the celebration for new French President Hollande


Here are some pictures from the celebration on Sunday night of Francois Hollande winning the French presidential election. You’ve probably seen the images already, but these (except the first one) I can vouch for myself.

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Feb 15 2012

no escaping… the Paris gold ring scam


I’d heard a bit about this scam but had never seen it, nor have I had it done to me. But the other day, while passing near the Louvre, I saw a couple a few metres in front of me, with a tall man just to the side of them picking up what looked like a gold ring. ‘Aha,’ I thought, ‘this looks interesting.’ Sure enough, the man offered it to the male of the couple who shook his head,

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Jan 13 2012

no escaping… the red wheelbarrow bookshop in Paris

red wheelbarrow 23275_117654884931404_1981_n

After so many visits to Paris during the soldes, I didn’t think I could get very excited about them anymore. But today I discovered that my favourite English bookstore in Paris, The Red Wheelbarrow, at 22 rue Saint Paul, in the 4th arrondissement (phone: 01 48 04 75 08), is having a very serious sale …

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Jan 01 2012

Pont Neuf, Toulouse


Here, I am standing again on the east bank of the river Garonne, but this time on the south side of the bridge beside the first arch and below the Quai de Tounis.

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Dec 18 2011

Quai de Lucien Lombard, Toulouse


This photo in Toulouse was taken one afternoon last week as I walked beside the Garonne along the Quai de Lucien Lombard towards the Pont Neuf. It was the first really sunny day for over a week and many people sat on the quays enjoying the sun as it shone in the hazy sky of …

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