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Feb 04 2013

no escaping crêpes, or ‘fat Tuesday’


I have just been to a delightful Candelas crêpe party, where I indulged in far more pancakes than I care to admit. Candlemas is such a lovely word, although seldom heard these days, and of course the French occasion, officially held today Sunday 3rd February, is known as la Chandeleur.

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Jun 06 2012

no escaping sexism…?


But in France, one sees so much representation of female flesh in the large advertising posters stuck everywhere, especially on the walls of the metro, that I wonder whether lingerie football would have much appeal.

Then again, I could be wrong. I’d be very interested to hear the views of French men and women on this topic…

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Jan 12 2012

no escaping (French and Australian) gender roles…


by guest blogger Romana Byrne, an Australian who has been living in France since August 2011. I’ve been thinking a little about how France and Australia differ regarding gender roles, sexuality, and cultural practices, and thought I’d share this with escapetoparis readers to see what you think. Some of the most interesting cultural differences that …

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