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Jan 29 2011

No escaping fairytales…


I’m in the beautiful Grand’ Place in Brussels, en route to my current escape to Paris

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Jan 03 2011

Just dying to escape the noise in (Australian) restaurants

S&CChartier (Small)

One evening just before Christmas here in Melbourne I had dinner with friends at a relatively upmarket restaurant in St Kilda. Not long after we had sat down, a group of about eight people came in and were seated near us. From then on, our dinner conversation was all but drowned out by the yells, …

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Dec 18 2010

No escaping… Australian Francophilia


I’m certain that Melbourne is home to more Francophiles per capita than any other city in Australia, perhaps even in the English-speaking world. I don’t have empirical data for this, just a strong gut feeling. A shopkeeper only has to give her shop a French name and stock a few things French and the Francophiles …

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Oct 03 2010

Escaping ugly shoes


The Mephisto company, in particular, has the most beautiful shoes that are soft and comfortable, with moulded soles. They are made in Alsace. I bought two pairs of sandals, as it was summer in Paris, and that was all I wore during the heatwave in July.

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Aug 14 2010

The bloke from the grave next door–in Paris


One day last month I noticed a poster in the Metro with this intrguing title, although of course in French: Le mec a la tombe d’a cote (sorry about lack of accents, but this blogging program seems to lack them). On closer inspection, I saw that it was an advertisement for a play…

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Jun 26 2010

Lunch at Place d’Aligre


Yesterday we invited my landlady and her boyfriend to lunch. They are a very lovely, groovy pair of 80 year olds. Most of the recipes were experiments but they sort of worked out, especially the main course. This was my attempt to copy the lunch I had in Bonn on Monday at the Deutsche Welle …

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