Dec 18 2012

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Père and Mère Noel bike ride

On Saturday I noticed  a few people in red cycling into the square below my apartment. On closer inspection, I could see they were dressed as Père or Mère Noels, complete with beards, hats, and garlanded bicycles. They were gathering to take part in the annual Father Christmas bike ride, or Balade de Père Noel, around Paris, organised by the local community organisation, Commune Libre d’Aligre.

The blurb about it on the Commune’s website loosely translates as follows:

“To liven up the arrival of bloody Santa Claus! Be all in red with Christmas slogans to blast the chimneys, and no humming of Christmas songs! Get out your posters, hoist the pine trees, make hoods. Rendez-vous in Aligre Square all dressed up in red, with your bike decorated at 2.30 for the bike ride around Paris. Don’t forget the mulled wine and other refreshing beverages we’ll share on the way.”

A quick search reveals there are versions of this event elsewhere in France, some called promenades, suggesting they are on foot.

The intrepid crew arrived back in the square in drizzly rain a few hours later, and cheers erupted from the people in the nearby covered market.

I found this a charming idea. Does anyone know of anything like this in Australia?

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  1. Lee

    Hello. Your blog is making me want to travel again. I left a link in your post about the gold ring scam, back to my blog and my story of the gold ring. Pretty funny.

    Am enjoying your blog.

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