Jun 06 2012

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no escaping sexism…?

Lingerie football anyone?

I’ve just read what I consider to be a well-argued article by a colleague of mine in today’s Melbourne Age newspaper, and I find myself asking, ‘Would/does this happen in France?’ The article mentions the two other countries in which this is taking place, the US and Canada, and so I’m wondering if it’s an anglophone phenomenon, or just plain sexist.

Now France is not known for being a particularly non-sexist country, as my friend Romana Byrne (an Australian living in France) has previously discussed. But the sexism seems quite different to that which we experience in Australia (and new President Francois Hollande did promise before his recent election that one of his objectives once in office would be to ensure women made up 50% of parliament). This topic deserves a blog post of its own, which I promise I will write someday soon, so I won’t digress here.

But in France, one sees so much representation of  female  flesh in the large advertising posters stuck everywhere, especially on the walls of the metro, that I wonder whether lingerie football would have much appeal.

Then again, I could be wrong. I’d be very interested to hear the views of French men and women on this topic…

You can read the Age article here.

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  1. harvey

    never seen such things in france before. there are ads from time to time for lingerie in public places such as the bus shelter or in the metro station (there is usually a “slut” tag on it). while i’m sure many men would like it, i’m also sure that it would cause a lot of debates in the media whether we can show such a “bad” image of women and globally i think people would not accept it. I (man) personally would not particularly enjoy it (and i’m not gay). I think I would watch once, because everyone would talk and joke about the show the day after in office, and I wouldn’t watch again because I would find it pathetic

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